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Picture Obverse Picture Reverse NumberNumbers of the tokens

We often use the "token identification numbers" of a catalog we know
So you can use this numbers to swap with other collectors.




this is the country of use

zz = unknown

CityCity of use

If there is a city name, then the token is made for that city

zz is unknown or N.A.

MetalMaterial of the token

A aluminium - B brass - Bi bi-metal - Bz bronze - K copper - P plastic - S steel - SS stainless steel - Sv silver -WM white metal / copper-nickel / nickel - Z zinc - L lead - zz unknown

(example B/S is a steel token Brass plated)

Tokens with colours:

a aquamarine - b blue - d gray - e black - g green - h beige - i brown - o orange - p pink - r red - w white - y yellow - z purple
(example Pa is aquamarina plastic)

DiameterDiameter of the token in mm

when we know, the diam is in 0.1 mm

if your token measuring significantly different then it may be a variant (please inquire me)

zz = unknown (please inquire me)

HoleHole shape / position

Ch = center hole; the round hole is placed in the middle of the token.

Hole = a round hole usually on top of the token and mostly done by hand drilling.

Hx = hexagon shaped hole

Sd = solid; no hole.

Sl = slot shaped hole

Sq = square shaped hole.

Tr = triangle shaped hole.

AlignAlignment of the token

if you turn the token from left to right = the revers will points .. o'clock

example 0 = Medal Alignment 6 = Coin Alignment

fran 22-3 TX(logo) / THEVENON TX(logo) / THEVENON France Zz S 22.5 Ch free
viet 01 L.V.D (g) Vietnam B 26.5 Sd 0
viet 02 C.M (g)(g) Vietnam B 25.3 Sd 0
viet 03-1 (d) BUUDIEN / VIETNAM BUUDIEN (r) VIETNAM Vietnam Cr/S 19.4 Sd 0
viet 03-2 (d) BUUDIEN / VIETNAM BUUDIEN (r) VIETNAM Vietnam S 19.5 Sd 0
viet 04-1 (d) * / BDTP (big star) (g) Vietnam Cr/S 19.6 Sd 0
viet 04-2 (d) * / BDTP (small star sharp pionts) (g) Vietnam Cr/S 19.6 Sd 0

1 .. <- .. 66 67 68


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